Partnering with TreeChange

We work with a range of businesses who beyond their primary objectives share the admirable goal of fighting climate change and helping grow Ireland’s forests.

We work closely with our partners to ensure that these mutual goals are met while delivering carbon offsets to our partners. Our partners can contribute toward our fundraising or getting involved in one of our many events.


There are multiple ways to engage with us and motivate your workforce in this task.

Our partners play a huge part in supporting the important work we do, helping ensure that we can actually construct the forests we have set out to build. We develop relationships with a vast array of businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships. With a wide range of ways to contribute you can be sure you’ll have a successful and rewarding partnership with TreeChange. By working with us to raise funds you can bring lasting benefits to your company both in terms of offsetting your carbon emissions and building acclaim as an environmentally friendly and community conscious company.

There are multiple ways that your company can support our work as well as offsetting your carbon emissions.

Benefits of partnering with us include
  • Instill a sense of pride within your staff and further motivate them
  • Contribute toward local communities
  • Make a real difference in the battle against climate change and deforestation
  • Enhancing your reputation leading to improved customer loyalty while potentially expanding your customer base
  • Offsetting your companies carbon emissions.
Donation methods

Flat Donation/percentage from sales: [Describe flat donation process, go into detail about how this is accomplished.]

Donate €1 to offset carbon emissions for your order processing and delivery checkbox: [ Go into detail about how this is accomplished.]

Customer donation collection/Round up: [describe customer donations collection process, how we can provide a additional section to your sites checkout]

How We at TreeChange Support You

Dedicated Support Team: A dedicated TreeChange Support Team will assist you in integrating our customer donation mechanism or to help you arrange a flat donation.

Positive Public Relations: The potential for improved public relations is a key part to what makes partnerships with Treechange so appealing. Our teams will work toward developing a media and PR strategy to ensure both your employees and customer base are made aware of your philanthropic actions.

Legacy: Ireland is currently failing its forest cover targets for 2020. With your aid toward this goal you will leave a lasting legacy of an environmentally conscious and community minded company. By partnering with TreeChange you will make a real difference for the sake of Ireland’s environment.

Partner with TreeChange