The problem


Forests, the size of 27 soccer pitches are destroyed every minute.

of endangered species are at risk of extinction as a result of deforestation.

3.4 tonnes of fertile soil per person are lost every year due to erosion from deforestation.

Annually a landmass twice the size of Ireland becomes desert, as a consequence of tree loss.

9.11 billion tons of carbon are emitted annually due to consumption of fossil fuels, equal to the carbon stored in a forest 1/3 the size of China.


In Ireland

The average household produces 5.5 tonnes of CO2 per year - planting 27 trees can offset this.

610 tonnes of CO2 is released annually as a result of deforestation, the equivalent of the emissions of Roundstone, County Galway.

Forests 150 times the size of Vatican city are lost each year.